Collaboration with 七福神

Tonight after work it’s off to the sticks of 府中 (Fuchu). Just 20 minutes on an express train from 新宿 (Shinjuku) granted, but it definitely feels like the ‘burbs. (For New Yorkers, think of Forest Hills, Rego Park or hellz, Westchesta!)

Gonna be rehearsing with the guys from 七福神 (Shichi-Fuku-Jin/7 Gods), a super-fun duo originally from Kofu, Yamanashi.

NOT the band. Thank you Google Images!

OK, so that’s totally not them… Thank you, Google Images!

I’m honored they’ve invited me to jam with them at their upcoming 七夕(Tanabata)・ワンマンライブ (lit. “one-man live” - an event where one band rents a live music venue for a few hours) at 府中Flight.

These guys are seasoned pros, playing 駅前 (“eki-mae” concerts - busking in front of a train station for promotional or fundraising purposes) every week, rain or shine… or snowstorm?! FIERCE!


If you’re in town on Sat. July 7, I highly recommend checking out their show! Last time we shared the stage I ended up being their backup dancer. Yes, scrub your eyes. So there’s that. And ahh, here we go. This is what they look like:

Btw - I may *cough* have a crush on one of them. Can you guess who? :S

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