K rhymes with heyyyyy

So I’m working on lyrics to thank folks who have pledged to my new album Kickstarter.

But rhyming Kickstarter is like trying to rhyme orange.

These are the best I could come up with. Aside from the fact that most sound like they’re insider pr0n lingo, they’re kinda nonsensical:

1. Hip farter (?)
2. Prick blotter (?!)
3. Lick (n) barter (…)
4. Thick Carter (too easy…)
5. Sick Darter (germaphobe?)
6. Buick Martyr (70s?)
7. Brick tartar (for the stone toothed foodies?)
8. Hick blarger (sounds like a character from The Oatmeal)

Tumblr poets unite. And help a lyricist out. Any ideas to add?

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