Pls retumbl this and get my new album for free ^^

Hello Tumblites!

So Kickstarter’s getting serious on my folk ass. The deadline clock is no longer in days but HOURS. AAAAAAAAAAH. Tick tock tick tock tick tock…

So yeah, we’ve only got 64 hours to raise an additional $416.

And with Kickstarter, if we don’t reach $3,000 within 64 hours, the project will not be funded, and I will turn into a wilted, defeated, sad banjo. And cry into my green tea. THE HORROR!

So I come to you with a Tumblicious favor:

If you’re active on Tumblr, pretty please Retumble this post.

And for those on Twitter or Facebook, pretty-please-with-mandolins-on-top share the following link with your friends (by tweet and/or wallpost/status update:

You might want to add your own story about how 80s flavored folk-pop has changed your life and given you the power to walk over hot coals! Or um, at least, given you something pleasant to listen to during your commute :) And if anyone has any doubts as to the audio caliber of this project, please invite them to listen to songs from 2009’s “Japanese Satellites” at

And heck, since I ain’t too proud to beg, I’ll gladly send you a free copy of the new album when it’s done. Because you are Tumblriffic!!!!

Twangin XO!

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