Show Me That Smile Again...?

Between the first StageIt (an A.D.D.-medley bonanza) and the most recent one (with Martin Leroux and Fluter Scooter), I’ve been wanting to bring back the 80s Saturday Morning Cartoons/Sitcom songs HARD! What do you want to hear?

At the moment, the sitcom list is: 21 Jump Street, 227, 3-2-1 Contact, Charles in Charge, Cheers, Different Strokes, Family Ties, Gimme a Break, Golden Girls, Greatest American Hero, Growing Pains, Kids Incorporated, Laverne and Shirley, Mr. Belvedere, My Two Dads, Night Court, Out of this World, Perfect Strangers, Punky Brewster, Silver Spoons, The Facts of Life, Three’s Company, Who’s the Boss and WKRP. Any others you’d suggest?

Um, is that Casey Kasem sharing a drink with Cobra Commander?!

As for cartoon themes, I’m looking at: Bionic Six, Carebears, The Chipmunks, Duck Tales, Ewoks, Ghostbusters, GI Joe, Gummi Bears, He-Man, Inspector Gadget, Jem, Reading Rainbow, Silverhawks, She-Ra, The Smurfs, Transformers and Thundercats. Any others you’d like to hear?

Please retumble (?) this - I think the hive-mind might have a better memory than the rusted Betamax in my mind. And with that, this gem:


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