StageYou, StageMe, StageIt Together, Ayo Technology? [Tour Journal: 6/24/12]

After a massive 25 minute #techfail yesterday (^^;), we were finally able to get our StageIt show off the ground and up onto the good ol’ Interwebs. Thanks all for your patience! #thisiswhydannycanthavenicethings #likeanipad.

Thanks to Tom for hosting us, to Fluter Scooter (surprise guest!) and Martin for bringing the music HARD and folktastic, and to all of you amazing fans. My heart swoons for you in 8-bit emoticon delight —->


And then…


(so yes, corn and mayo. #onlyinJapan)

Martin and I are thinking about hosting StageIt performances on a monthly basis, but with each show having a different theme. So far we’ve come up with songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. That plus — I’m not-so-secretly pushing my (drag-queen) agenda via “The Miseducation of Kween Dandylion,” a show which I envision featuring folk/country musicians (in drag) doing Peter, Paul and Mary style versions of classic tracks by female MCs.

Thinking something along the lines of MC Lyte’s “Paper Thin” meets Peter Paul & Mary’s version of “Blowing in the Wind,” or Lil Kim on banjo: “How Many Twangs?” (“… he had a hurricane strum…” “…play guitar chord 8, oh oh oh”)

Ok fine, so I’m secretly just looking for an excuse to dress like Sailor MoonDon’t hate. :P

Any theme ideas?

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