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Hello fellow Tumblrs (?),

I’m hoping to land a writing gig with a particular up-and-coming blog as I like their approach to blogging/writing, i.e. focusing on and reviewing specific activities instead of generic touristy stuff…



Thank you for your email with its link to the [REDACTED :P] Guidelines pdf.

I moved to Tokyo from New York City in November of 2009 and perform my
original 80s flavored folk-pop songs at “live houses” (music venues)
throughout the Kanto region. Samples of my music can be found at; samples of my writing at

As a foreign musician touring Japan, I am interested in contributing
granular-content pieces to [REDACTED :P] which review both musical
performances and the venues where those performances take place. Such
pieces will inevitably touch on cultural differences that come up
during tours e.g. the meetings, deposit/equipment rental fees,
sound-checks, different genre lineups, strict adherence to billed
times, after parties, etc., as well as the differences between Tokyo
venues/non-Tokyo venues, Tokyo musicians/non-Tokyo musicians and Tokyo
audiences/non-Tokyo audiences.

I believe these pieces will be of interest to both non-Japanese
touring musicians and tourists who want to catch live music while they
are in Japan.

In addition to the above, as a 35 year old gay, Japanese/Jewish New
York City transplant, I am able to cover non-music topics, such as
cultural differences in gender performance, relationships and familial
expectations, minority “lifestyles” and the like. Finally, having
worked for over a decade as a corporate paralegal in New York City law
firms, and now employed by a Tokyo-based Japanese law firm, I can
comment extensively on the unique cultural gaps, challenges and
benefits that come with working for a Japanese business.

I hope that I may contribute to [REDACTED :P] and welcome any questions
you may have at this time concerning my qualifications and content
ideas. Thanks!


Based on the above email, do you have any suggestions for additional topic ideas (like questions you’d like me to answer that are too comprehensive for a Tumblr micro-post)?

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