Japanese Satellites

© 2010 Danny Katz Music


Danny's website describes him as 80s flavored folk-pop. I described him as FREAKING GENIUS. His music is both fun (“Passover” actually samples the melody to the Four Questions...hello!?! Genius.) and sad (“Bushwick” is by far my favorite track). His style is clean and sweet and consistent throughout the album but each song has a distinct personality.
- Amanda E. di Bartolomeo | Queer Vegan Runner

“Japanese Satellites” is a sonically-cohesive body of work that...brings together the past and the present, reviving the old-school charm of 70's and 80's rock music and combining them with modern lyrical sensibilities... [and] a live, organic sound... Katz proves himself to be a gifted songwriter and storyteller with Satellites. In his straightforward but forthcoming lyrics, [he] appeals not only to our taste for old-school rock but also to our innate ability to find humor in our lives and our relationships.
- Jason Chu | SFGam

Taipei (Official Music Video)

Sacramento (Official Music Video)

Revival (Official Music Video)