Who else can use folk versions of Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield" and Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry" to tell an insane story about getting hit on by a 3 toothed trucker in rural Utah?! And then proceed to do a Pete Seeger-inspired version of a Missy Elliott song, introducing it as a love ballad?! Only Danny Katz. One of the best things New York City has to offer.
- James Destir

Danny's 80s cartoon medley ruined my childhood. Or enhanced it. I'm still not sure which. And yes, I agree that He-Man was definitely a bit light in the loafers. By the Power of Greyskull indeed...
- Conan O'Keefe

[Danny] was able to engage an audience that is used to hip-hop and Indian music for the most part. They were clapping enthusiastically to his song as he got the party started. Danny is both professional and passionate with his work, which makes him an excellent performing artist.
- Jason Hu, Talent Program Coordinator, City College at City University of New York

When Danny performs, people watch! Though students were at crunch time with papers, they stopped to be captivated by Danny's lightning performance, original material, and unique, fun, and accessible folk interpretations of 80's pop songs. It was an amazing scene!
- Gabe Blau, Bard College Jewish Student Union Chair

Danny brings with him a well rounded professionalism that is rare and a merit I truly admire. He sees the scope of his part of the show but also appreciates the larger picture. Danny cares more about how he can work with and shape the overall impression that the audience leaves with. His material is strong and his stage presence is infectious and empowering.
- Kris Landherr, LandShark! Showcases

In spite of humid 90 degree weather, Danny played enthusiastically for three hours straight at our annual fundraiser. His musical contributions helped make the evening run smoothly. A delight.
- Phyllis Osterman, Patient Services Manager, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Fairfield County Chapter

Danny Katz always gives an unforgettable performance. He definitely has a style of his own that needs to be heard and seen to be believed. And you should see his Japanese pop music interpretations - The energy he projects is fantastic!
- Jerome Zorrilla, 2003 Co-Chair of GAPIMNY, NY

Danny and I used to play little acoustic shows in and around Sarah Lawrence College. He played some of the best solo acoustic 80's covers I have ever heard.
- Seth Asa, Singer-Songwriter

Danny is a funny guy, and he plays one mean-ass guitar!!
- Soce, the Elemental Wizard

Despite the obvious contradictions inherent in mixing Jewish with Japanese, heartfelt white-boy folk with funny/shocking homo-humor, corporate suburban pragmatism with countercultural rock-star dreaming, etc., Danny manages to pull it off. That's why he rocks.
- Jordan Haar, Percussionist

Danny Katz is, by far, my bisexual\mixed-race\economically challenged\woman of color of choice. If you want identity politics or a gay/asian/jewish songwriter WITH A TWIST, he's it. He's also a marvelous cook.
- Erin Anderson, Author

Danny Katz (Always two words, never one) makes love to toasters like a pro, abuses guinea pigs, and covers Madonna’s "Like A Prayer". What else is there?
- Chris Henderson, Director, Brilliant Productions

Danny's very funny, very funny indeed. And quite the brainiac. And he's a musician. Oh my! I think I'm going to swoon!
- Tom Cork, Playwright

I had the pleasure of seeing Danny perform at… Out of the Box… in New Brunswick, NJ ... [He] performed with what I assume is his usual high level of energy and humor, with a bit of irony and pathos thrown in.
- Les Eversen, Poet and Novelist