Shibuya vs. Hachiko

Last night, I found myself in my favorite sensory overload vomit pit - Shibuya. The above photo (which I wish I had taken) makes it seem all pretty and orderly. But if you watch my music video for Sacramento, you can get the feel for being jostled into a lonely anonymity, while simultaneously being assaulted by three giant sized TVs blasting J-pop, bright lights flashing everywhere, and building size posters promoting prepubescent boy “bands” with names like “Sexy Zone.”

Oh Google Image Search, you never let me down. But seriously, aren’t these kids like… 5?

And yet, in the center of this madness, peeking out from clouds of cigarette smoke and tourist camera flashes, is the statue of Hachiko.

Shown here in the less manic daylight hours. I’m assuming those are just ordinary school kids and not another boy band in the making… #pray

I’ve been wanting to write a song as told by the Hachiko statue - but am struggling with the lyric. Not sure if it should focus on something as curmudgeonly pointed as “Japan’s post-bubble decline,” or make it more of a “marvel at Japan’s technological success and post-3/11 resilience.” Or something altogether different - such as the bonds that Hachiko represents - unconditional love, friendship, fidelity and loyalty.

What do you think the song should talk about?

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